What to Expect

Chiropractic X-Ray

Align Chiropractic provides compassionate care and personalized treatment plans designed to help you recover from pain, improve your motion, maintain your health and live your best life. You will receive individualized attention from Dr. Ashley Bills as she works to decrease your pain and prevent chronic issues.

Your first visit will include an evaluation of your areas of concern and review of your medical history. Where appropriate we may take x-rays and perform physical assessments to determine the causes of your pain and develop your customized treatment plan. We review your plan with you so you understand how we will treat you and what you can expect on your journey to recovery.

Future visits may include a combination of treatments to address the specifics of your situation. We work to make sure you understand what techniques are being used and how they benefit your health. As you progress towards health, specific treatments will change to focus on your needs. Throughout your care we keep you informed of your progress and changes to your treatment plan.

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